NIU Global Campus

NIU has established a global campus structured around regional academic centers to effectively meet its mandate to provide relevant, accessible, and continuous intelligence education to globally dispersed personnel beyond the National Capital Region (NCR).

Each academic center is managed by an onsite NIU center director and offers courses taught by full-time and adjunct NIU faculty. The academic centers work with approved instructional sites where students can participate via secure video teleconference (VTC). Students who begin at an academic center but must move to an area without access to an NIU instructional site during the course of their studies, may, on a case-by-case basis, continue their studies via remote SVTC. This must be approved by the Center directors and dean(s), and in coordination with the associate provost for Academic Integration and Services in advance, and the student must be made aware that it is their responsibility to ensure they have access to a secure VTC.

Intelligence Community Campus - Bethesda

Bethesda, MD

The NIU Main Campus is situated in the heart of the NCR, inside the Intelligence Community Campus-Bethesda (ICC-B), Bethesda, Maryland. The main campus is the central hub of all NIU academic, research, and outreach activities. It is the home of the College of Strategic Intelligence, the School of Science and Technology Intelligence, the Office of Research, the Office of Outreach and Alumni Relations, the NIU Library, as well as classrooms, computer labs and administrative offices. The main campus offers the widest range of academic programs, including full-time graduate and undergraduate study, as well as part-time study in the evenings and on weekends.

European Academic Center

RAF Molesworth, UK, Ramstein AFB, Germany, and Stuttgart, Germany

The European Academic Center (EAC), located in RAF Molesworth, UK, primarily servers students assigned overseas to U.S. European Command (EUCOM) and U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). With additional instructional sites in Stuttgart and Ramstein, Germany, EAC supports students throughout Europe and Africa who can attend classes via secure VTC.

EAC staff consists of two permanent full-time faculty, augmented by a dozen adjunct faculty, and is fully integrated with full-time faculty members from the main campus. Similar to programs on the main campus, NIU programs at EAC are open to U.S. Government civilians and military service members who hold TS/SCI clearances. EAC also operates on an academic quarter calendar.

Quantico Academic Center

Quantico, VA
Quantico Academic Center

The Quantico Academic Center (QAC), located in the FBI Academy Intelligence and Investigative Training Center, primarily serves students who live and work in the vicinity of Marine Corps Base Quantico. QAC supports a diverse student population representing multiple organizations and agencies. An FBI-appointed center director and office services specialist staff the center.

QAC provides part-time, evening graduate study to qualified military and federal civil service personnel who hold TS/SCI clearances and who are pursuing a Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) or a Certificate in Intelligence Studies in Counterintelligence (CI).

Classes are held in person on base and via SVTC to NIU main campus. Classes operate Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 8:40pm during the 10-week fall, winter, and spring sessions and from 6pm to 9:20pm during the 8-week summer session. Instruction is provided by NIU Main Campus faculty and augmented by adjunct faculty.

Southern Academic Center

Fort Liberty, NC, Key West, FL, Hurlburt Airfield, FL, Miami, FL, Huntsville, AL, and NASIC in Dayton, OH.

The Southern Academic Center (SAC), located at U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Florida, primarily serves students who live and work in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base but also supports students from six instructional sites: U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Hurlburt Airfield and Joint Interagency Task Force–South (JIATF-South) in Florida, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) in Ohio, Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, and Fort Liberty in North Carolina. These various agencies support a large and diverse student population representing eight different organizations and agencies.

National Security Agency Academic Center

Fort Meade, MD and Fort Eisenhower, GA

The NSA Academic Center (NAC) is located in NSA Headquarters in Ft. Meade, Maryland, and includes an instructional site in Fort Eisenhower, Georgia.

NAC primarily serves students who work at NSA but is also available to other IC-affiliated staff who can readily access NSA spaces and obtain system accounts. As NIU’s longest standing academic center, the NAC has a large student and alumni population and is seeking to expand to other NSA locations across the country.

NAC students receive local support from a dedicated team of civilian and contractor personnel who ensure they have classroom space, textbooks, and other learning materials, and that they enjoy a positive experience throughout their program. NSA recognizes the value of an NIU degree and provides the resources necessary to offer the MSSI degree in a convenient location and format for its civilian and military personnel.

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