Certificate in Intelligence Studies


The Certificate in Intelligence Studies (CIS) program allows non degree-seeking students the opportunity for in-depth, graduate-level study of intelligence topics.  CIS programs are conducted at the ICC-B NIU Main Campus and at designated instructional locations. Certificate topics may not be offered every year, and availability is subject to enrollment, space availability, faculty availability, and other NIU commitments and priorities. Students interested in applying for a CIS program must possess an undergraduate degree from an institution of higher learning that is accredited by a regional body recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.

Students already enrolled in an NIU graduate degree program may take additional CIS courses as individual electives but may not earn the graduate certificate. CIS students who do not earn a certificate but subsequently matriculate to an NIU graduate program can apply to transfer a maximum of six credits toward their NIU master’s degree.

Please see the latest catalog for current CIS offerings.

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