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National Intelligence University offers a supportive and inspirational environment for enquiring minds to learn and grow.  We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.        

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DNI Haines kicks off NIU’s 2024 Academic Year

The National Intelligence University Convocation and Installation of President Ceremony on August 25 marked the beginning of the academic year and formally installed Dr. John Ballard as NIU’s next president. More than 150 new students attended the convocation ceremony and over 700 intelligence and national security professionals began classes this fall at NIU’s main campus and academic centers...

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NIU is the Intelligence Community’s accredited, federal degree-granting institution attended by intelligence and national security professionals from across the federal government who study and pursue solutions to the toughest national security challenges. NIU’s unique and integrated academic experience allows students to learn and research in a classified environment guided by faculty with real-world experience and an array of academic backgrounds….


DNI Haines statement on welcoming Dr. John Ballard as President of NIU

Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Stacey Dixon with NIU President Dr. John Ballard WASHINGTON, D.C. – Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines today issued the following statement: “I am very pleased to announce that, in consultation with the National Intelligence University (NIU) Board of Visitors, I appointed Dr. John R. Ballard as President of NIU on July 31,…

Featured Research Publications

Research Shorts are a cross between conventional intelligence products and the shorter academic papers published by universities and think tanks. Research Notes fuse current events with a research insight. Though most of our Research Shorts and Research Notes appear within government channels, those below have cleared for public release.  Articles are presented in PDF Format.

Pursuing Geopolitical Advantage?
China’s Search for Military Allies

China’s leaders apparently see their partnership-focused foreign policy strategy as adequate, but that view may not hold indefinitely. Strategic competition with the United States and its allies, even now, is beginning to expose the limitations of Beijing’s partnerships. If, as many theorize, China were to attack Taiwan, would it not be best prepared for success by seeking military alliances beyond its sole currentally, North Korea?

(Re)defining Warning

This Research Short looks to reignite debate on how the IC defines warning and several terms associated with it in the context of intelligence. The term has been used inconsistently over time and across intelligence organizations, and past definitions have often presented limited views of the concept. To ground the discussion, this Short will note problems arising from how the IC has defined the term across history and then ...

Foreign Language for National
Security: Let’s Act, Not React

The IC requires the utmost capability to meet increasingly complex national security threats. Having sufficient foreign language-qualified personnel should be the least of its worries. Yet, we face the same challenges year after year in meeting foreign language demand. Let’s be proactive and reframe our approach. We can create an intentional and dynamic foreign language strategy that ...

I want to ensure that NIU operates as the academic hub for the Intelligence Community (IC) and broader Federal Government, preparing intelligence and national security professionals to be tomorrow’s strategic leaders.

Dr. John R. Ballard
President, National Intelligence University
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