Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI)

What does the term “Strategic Intelligence” mean? At the National Intelligence University, it means the role played by the entire Intelligence Community in supporting the processes, development and execution of the United States’ national security strategy. It encompasses regional as well as global issues; military and civilian concerns; political and technical processes; and includes the assessment of physical, cultural and economic environmental considerations.

The MSSI curriculum concentrates on these areas through its core curriculum, elective courses, and thesis program. Organized to include the Director of National Intelligence’s skills and competencies for intelligence analysts the MSSI program is continuously updated by its faculty and leadership to ensure that students are studying materials directly related to ongoing issues and considerations relevant to U.S. national security. In addition to completing a minimum of 43 total credits, students also complete a graduate thesis that deals with a contemporary concern of the U.S. Intelligence Community.


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