Certificate of Intelligence Studies

The National Intelligence University offers various Certificates of Intelligence Studies (CIS) in different topics. The CIS program involves high-intensity graduate level study of an intelligence topic. These courses consist of 3 - 5 classes (9 – 15 credits) with a minimum of 27 contact hours per class. They are conducted at designated COCOMs and at the NIU campus located in the Defense Intelligence Agency Headquarters building via VTC, distance learning, or in-resident education. Interested COCOMS can coordinate with the NIU for VTC classes as well as NIU instructor TDYs to COCOM academic centers or Regional Joint Intelligence Training and Education Facilities (RJITEFs) for on-site classes.

Certificates of Intelligence Studies for AY 13-14 
(contact the NIU Admissions Office to check availability)

CIS in Africa: Strategic Intelligence Studies
MSI 572  Africa: Intelligence and National Security Strategy
MSI 573  Conflicts in Africa
MSI 574  Africa: Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement
MSI 671  Africa: Geostrategic Intelligence Issues

CIS in China: Intelligence Concerns
MSI 591  Introduction to China Intelligence Studies
MSI 592  China's Grand Strategy and Foreign Policy
MSI 593  China's Military Capabilities and Strategy
MSI 594  Chinese Intelligence and Information Operations

CIS in Counterintelligence
MSI 661  Counterintelligence
MSI 562  Counterintelligence Analysis
MSI 563  Counterintelligence Operations and Investigations
MSI 594  Chinese Intelligence and Information Operations

CIS in Afghanistan and Pakistan (AFPAK)
MSI 583  Pakistan Intelligence Issues
MSI 584  Afghanistan Intelligence Issues
MSI 655  Islam and the Modern World
MSI 675  South Asia Intelligence Issues

CIS in Eurasia
MSI 685  Russia: Geostrategic Intelligence Issues
MSI 686  Central Asia: Geostrategic Intelligence Issues
MSI 687  The Caucasus
MSI 688  The Near Abroad
MSI 589  Graduate Colloquium in Eurasian Studies

CIS in Leadership and Management in the IC
MSI 598Q  Leadership and Intelligence
MSI 598R  Leadership, Intelligence, and National Security Decisionmaking
MSI 598P  National Security Law and Ethics
MSI 598O  Organizational Management and Change

CIS in Strategic Warning Analysis
MSI 598W  History of Warning Intelligence
MSI 598Y   Challenges in Strategic Warning
MSI 598Z   Warning Theory and Methodologies 
Elective      Any Regional or Functional Elective

Please see NIU Catalog for complete course descriptions and contact the NIU Admissions Office to see when these classes will be offered during the academic year.




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